Extending talented students

Gifted students can also face many problems at school. Often they become bored. Back to Basics tuition provides for talented students so they can capitalise on their skills, maintain a good level of challenge and interest in their learning and move ahead at a pace suitable to them. Call or submit an enquiry to see how we can help

Learning is a treasure that will
follow it's owner everywhere
_Chinese Proverb

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Developing a strong foundation in reading, writing and math

“I like going to Kate and Back to Basics Tuition because they make it fun to learn there." “Now I don’t feel scared at school anymore. I actually feel smart.”


"Joshua struggled at school and the pre-entry assessment highlighted the areas needed to be addressed. 

Joshua loves attending tuition classes. He has achieved enormous steps since starting tuition. His confidence in his work, both at school and homework is fantastic. 

Joshua is able to concentrate for longer periods and he himself is pleased. He loves the tutors; they are friendly, dedicated and approachable. 

Tuition has made a big difference as Joshua is much happier and outgoing in everything he does. His progression has not just academically increased, but so has his personality and confidence.”

“Poppy has always been a confident happy kid but half way through the first term of this year we noticed that she was having a lot of "sore tummies" and "feeling sick" before school in the mornings.  Poppy confided in us that she didn't feel smart enough to be in grade three and didn't want to go to school anymore.  

It turns out that an off-hand remark made by the teacher had rocked her little world and left her feeling small and "not good enough".  I don't think the teacher meant any harm by what she had said, or even remembers the conversation but my sweet, happy, smart, once confident little girl did.  Once we found out what was bothering her I set off to help make it better (as all Mums do).  First to the teacher in question, then straight on the phone to Kate.  Kate and I spoke over the phone for about 20 minutes. I liked Kate's attitude.  

The next day we booked in an assessment and Kate reassured me that Poppy would be fine in grade 3, she just needed a little catch up and a big ego boost.  The ego, our family worked on at home, but as Poppy told me once, "you're my Mum, you always think I'm smart".    

So, together with Kate and her amazing staff, we ALL worked on ego, math and writing and within 3 visits to Back to Basics, I could see a difference. Poppy would skip out of her lesson with Kate, big smile on her face because she was "getting it".  As her confidence grew, the "tummy aches" disappeared and school was once again fun. Poppy is no longer worried about "not being good enough" and is getting excellent grades.

Even coming home with the principal’s award for improvement.   Kate has given Poppy the tools she needed and Poppy is now building her way through grade 3.  I must be the proudest, most grateful Mummy in the world.  Kate, you are an amazing teacher; you are the help that I promised Poppy we would get for her.”

“Kate was strict, fair and focused. This is what Megan needed to keep her focused. Megan has achieved amazing results in all subjects, and is a much more confidence person with her learning. She is now always doing homework and keeping focused.  Kate has always been flexible with Megan’s sports, organizing tutoring around her training that changed days regularly. 

Kate and her team have encouraged Megan so much; I am truly thankful for finding Back to Basics Tuition and recommend them to anyone that says their child is having problems.”

Tutoring that works

Is your child having difficulty with school work? This can be immensely frustrating for families as the student’s confidence plummets and parents don’t know how to help. 

Struggling at school does not mean that your child has learning difficulties or faces long term learning issues. In most cases, it is just that they need a particular focus on their learning style and foundation concepts to bring out their best. 

Even the best school teachers simply don’t have the time to work individually with every student. That is where tutoring is invaluable. And Back to Basics tutoring is an individualised program, designed specifically to bring out the best in every student.

Signs your child may be struggling with school work:

  • Arguments or getting upset at homework time
  • Low grades
  • Dislike for school in general
  • Dislike for a specific subject

One of the most difficult things for everyone is when children are trying really hard with their work , but never seem to make much progress. It can feel like a hopeless situation.
Back to Basics Tuition offers more than hope. 

Our proven tutoring methods bring significant learning improvements.

This is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ program. Every student is unique and requires a different approach. Back to Basics Tuition is also not only about reading writing and math. We apply another level of human development which opens the learner, allowing them to take on the required educational concepts. Yes, we provide math tuition. Yes we provide reading tuition. Yes we provide writing tuition. But we also provide a safe place for students to learn to understand themselves, to lift their confidence and to learn that they are capable of achieving great results at school!

Back to Basics Tuition is not part of a franchise. 
It is a specialised learning studio, focused on tutoring excellence and consistent, high quality results.

The Back to Basics Tuition Promise:

  • Individual tutoring designed specifically for your child
  • You will see results
  • Your child’s performance will improve
  • You will notice increased self-confidence and self-belief
  • Ongoing support to help students achieve their best
  • Tuition leads to lifelong positive learning patterns

Back to Basics Tuition in Daisy Hill offers a Promise of Results because our methods work. Visit our Talking Corner to see examples of how students have improved and taken control of their own learning. 

What They Have To Say

We approached Kate Wilson from Back to Basics Tuition when it became apparent to us that our son Kyle, then aged 10, was lagging well behind the school year “average” in his core subjects of Mathematics and English. 

We asked Kate to appraise his understanding in these subjects and whether she would be able to help him improve his understanding of the curriculum. 

Within the first session Kyle had with Kate, she was able to identify several key areas that Kyle needed improvement on and had devised a learning strategy, based on estimated hours, to achieve agreed learning targets. 

Like most parents that contemplate tuition of some description, I had my concerns over the merits of “what was I getting for my money”. 

Kyle was taught in a professional manner, personally attended to and provided with a positive learning experience from Kate. 

She was firm but understanding with him, and Kyle developed a good rapport with her. 

As a result of the tuition at Back to Basic Tuition, Kyle’s homework assignments became less of a concern for him to complete independent of our help and encouragement as his understanding grew of the subject matter. His overall confidence improved, and his willingness to approach new subject matter increased along with his new found self-esteem. Kyle’s end of term results reflected the additional work he had put in with Kate and we were very satisfied as the results achieved exceeded the agreed learning targets. 

As a testament to my belief in Kate’s efforts, we still have Kyle at Back to Basics from time to time. We have Kate do what we call an “educational check-up” of Kyle and book him in to “top-up” his understanding in subjects that he needs further improvement on. 

Without hesitation we offer this as our testimonial, regards

Carole & Steve 

Springwood, Queensland